I am a coach because of my passion for CrossFit and Yoga. I am a believer of, “if you have knowledge pass it on to those who do not.” My dream for the Coop is for it to be a place of refuge from our busy daily lives. My goal is to better the lives of every member through health and fitness, preparing them for anything life may throw at them.

I grew up it Pittsburgh, Pa. Being active gave me enjoyment as a child, discipline as a teenager and mental clarity as an adult. I love learning to improve my own training as well as learning to teach others. I am a Vegan and promote a Vegan lifestyle. I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years. Ballet was my passion from four years old through college.  Due to chronic injuries to my ankles, this led me to Yoga.  Practicing and teaching Yoga inspired me to grow and share my knowledge with others, teaching and learning the discipline. I graduated from Yoga South TTP receiving my Registered Yoga School (RYS) 200 hour certificate.  I studied dance at SUNY Purchase New York.  I also have my Level 1 CrossFit certificate. I have been educated on Anatomy and Physiology to the human body. CrossFit has been a positive life changing experience for me. The disciplines of Yoga and CrossFit combined have formed me into a more clear, balanced, strong and determined person.  I believe that everyone has an athlete within them that just needs to be released.  Adding strength, agility, and power in to your daily life, will not only  get you in shape, but it will also change every aspect of your life! When I am not at the Coop, I am caring for my family. I have a beautiful daughter who keeps me young and motivates me to be fit and healthy. I want to lead by example and share my secret of youthfulness to my daughter and others. (Yoga and CrossFit Level 1 Coach)


ME5I’ve been an athlete since I was about 5 years and spent most of my youth playing baseball, football and soccer. I was introduced to strength training and weightlifting while playing football in high school. I’ve been pretty much hooked since then as fitness became a part of my everyday life. However, it wasn’t until I had to deal with multiple debilitating injuries as an adult that I truly realized the gift of fitness.

Dealing with pain has been a part of my life for a long time and if it wasn’t for my dedication to fitness, my physical limitations would not allow me to keep up with my daily responsibilities. Then I stumbled upon CrossFit and found the ultimate fitness challenge to overcome all of my injuries and physical limitations. CrossFit is for everyone that has the motivation and willingness to work hard and overcome their mental and physical limitations. It allows everyone a chance to be an athlete.

I became a CrossFit Coach to inspire and motivate others like me. I’m older, I have injuries, and I have adult responsibilities. But fitness is a priority in my life because if you don’t have fitness, you don’t have good health, and if you don’t have good health, everything and everyone else in your life suffers. I’d like to ultimately help others make the choice that will change their lives forever by choosing to make health and fitness a way of life. And CrossFit is a great way to do it. (CrossFit Level 1 Coach)






Originally from New England, I grew up in a small town in Northern Connecticut.  I have always been active and involved with organized sports such as hockey, basketball, and wrestling.  I got more serious about my fitness and started lifting weights in college.  Like most other people, I became bored with the normal routine of regular gyms and missed the competitive aspect that you get from playing sports.  I turned to CrossFit and was instantly hooked.  I love how hard it pushes you and how it allows you to do things you may have thought you never could, constantly challenging you to progress and improve.  I started coaching about one year later and also completed the CrossFit judges course shortly after.  I love sharing my passion for the sport and the reward of seeing others accomplish things they otherwise would not be capable of. (CrossFit Level 1 Coach)

WE believe CrossFit to be the epitome of all fitness programs. For it encompasses the trinity of athletics… Mind, Body and Spirit. The Mind is needed to learn and study this craft. The Body is the machine used to apply the principles and methodology. Lastly, and most important, the Spirit… where the intangibles lie, an unyielding, driven, self-motivated, undaunted, relentless and unwilling mindset to endure and prosper in the face of any and all adversity.

A commitment to CrossFit will change your life. It will be worth it but, it will not be easy. Easy is not CrossFit. Trust the process, believe in the program, listen to your coaches, be humble and proud and you’ll achieve beyond all expectations. CrossFit is passion and passion is CrossFit Cooper City. —-John Torres, Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach



AbdielCrossFit Level 1 Coach