CrossFit at its foundation is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. CrossFit is unique from other forms of physical activity in that the focus is not centered solely on looking good, though that is one of the side effects, but rather on fitness across a person’s lifetime.

CrossFit Lite

CrossFit Lite explores the same avenues as CrossFit, but simply at an introductory pace. CrossFit Lite allows athletes to achieve comparable results to that of a CrossFit class in conjunction to learning the intricate movements needed when performing the technical barbell movements. (Suspended until further notice) 

Endurance (EWOD)

The Endurance class focuses on three core fundamental aspects of endurance- consistency, explosiveness, and stamina. These core values are learned through a combination of cardiovascular exercises, technique drills, and strict coaching. From this class, an athlete will be prepared not only for endurance races, but also, CrossFit.

Olympic Lifting (Suspended)

Our Olympic Lifting class focuses solely on perfecting Olympic barbell movements, while building strength from these technical lifts. By working off strict programming week by week, an athlete is pushed to break through Olympic lifting boundaries that were never thought possible. 

Yoga (Suspended)

Yoga allows our athletes to decompress after a strenuous week with stretches and positions that will target certain problem areas that may be affecting them. Mobility is extremely important in order to increase range of motion and decrease risk of injury. Yoga will help athletes start their week off feeling stretched out and ready to go.


New Classes Coming Soon!