In addition to our regular WODS, we will be posting one BONUS workout for each week. It will be SHORT, INTENSE and CHALLENGING!
So WOD hard, CHEER on and have FUN!
October 28th
9am $30 per team for charity
Teams of Two
Helen Meets Grace
Donate to our page

CrossFit Cooper City – CrossFit


Rope Climb Skills (Rope Climb progressions.)


Metcon (Time)

F. Squats Box Jump Overs Rope Climbs

21 9 3

15 9 3

9 9 3

Rx 95/65 24/20

Rx+ 135/95 24/20
Front Squat, Box Jump Over and Rope Climbs. Reads left to right.


OctoberFest Week 3 (AMRAP – Reps)


Minute 1 – 10 Wall Balls

Minute 2 – 15 Wall Balls

Minute 3 and up -Unbroken Max Effort

Score = Total Reps

-Men must hit black target on Rig

-Women must hit white target on rig

-Hip crease below 90 degrees

RX 20/14

Scaled 14/10

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