COOP trip to Food Invasion April 20th from 5-9pm at Brian Piccolo Park!
New Classes added to the schedule:

Competitiors class Thursday Night 7:30pm
Starts this Thursday.
The class will do wods for upcoming competitions and discuss strategy.

Wednesday Night E-Wod!!
This class will be a traveling class.
Location will be announced via wodify.

CrossFit Cooper City – CrossFit



-Front Rack Stretch

-Hip Flexor Stretch


-Band Work


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


400m Run AMRAP Any Clean 95/135

3-4 Rest

4-7 Minutes

400m Run AMRAP Wall Balls

7-8 Rest

8-11 Minutes

25 OTB Burpees AMRAP Pullups

11-12 Rest

12-14 Minutes

200m Run – AMRAP Any Cleans

14-15 Rest

15-17 Minutes

200m Run – AMRAP WB’s

17-18 Rest

18-20 Minutes

15 Burpees -AMRAP Pullups

20-21 Rest

@21: AMRAP Cleans

@22: Rest

@23: AMRAP Wallballs

@24: Rest

@25: AMRAP Pullups
Keep track of total REPS!

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