“The COOP Fitness & CrossFit”, is a multi-purpose Training Facility in Cooper City, Florida that specializes in Group Fitness Workouts that promote weight loss, strength and overall health & fitness through high intensity workouts and proper nutrition. Our workouts combine strength training with cardio work and body weight movements that are proven to achieve elite health and fitness for all who work hard for it.

Our all inclusive fitness programs coupled with the expertise and caring of our coaches is what makes us special, and allows us to bring the sport of CrossFit to all of the young adults, parents and grandparents in our community. We strive to accommodate all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes. We train as a group, led by professional CrossFit Coaches with varied backgrounds in the fitness industry with years of experience and multiple licenses and certifications.

At The Coop CrossFit we strive to offer an intense and varied exercise regimen to athletes of all ages and skill levels in a safe but challenging environment. We believe that our athletes are more likely to attain their respective fitness goals if they remain healthy and free from injury. Thus, we put safety first while physically and mentally challenging all of our athletes to reach their optimal levels of strength and endurance.

Our mission is to help achieve elite health and fitness for all who are willing to work hard for it.  Our goal is to make each one of our athletes the best they can be in all facets of their daily lives. Your commitment and discipline along with our guidance will get you the results you seek.

Please visit our What is CrossFit? page and our Why CrossFit? page for more information.